1. Slowly, so slowly this year, the sunflowers are opening one by one. Usually it’s more akin to an explosion of sunflowers we have so many, but this year is more subdued.


  2. Emerging

    One of the first sunflowers of the season.


  3. Cherries

    Rainier cherries are best thing ever. I used to think cherry meant “Bing,” until one of my grocery store produce managers put them in my hands a few years back. Yum! Highly Recommended.


  4. Such a Little Leaf

    A baby leaf less than a centimeter long on a wildflower. It charmed me completely when hubby brought it home for me from his mountain bike ride.


  5. On the Counter

    I saw this Gerbera daisy lolling about in the sun on the kitchen counter, and couldn’t resist grabbing a shot. Happy sunshine, everyone!


  6. Beauty in a Bottle

    An afternoon well spent, in my opinion. This photo took hours to get it the way I wanted it. I’m very pleased with the result.


  7. Blooming Beauties

    Iceland Poppies.


  8. First Selfie

    Taking my own photo was harder than I thought it would be, remote or no remote. Anyway, this was taken to celebrate my new glasses, which were picked not so much for style, but for function — of all the pairs of I tried on, this one fit the best against my viewfinder (yes, I brought my camera to my eye appointment!).


  9. My Second Try at the Night Sky

    That’s it folks, bedtime for me. Thanks for taking a look at my latest work.


  10. Night Sky, First Try

    I’ve been itching to get out and try my hand at the stars, but whenever I was most keen to do it, there was a full moon. Tonight, as they say, was the night. No moon, tons of stars visible in my rural neighborhood, and just a little light pollution from a neighbor’s barn to add interest. I had a lot of fun making this image.


  11. On a Sea of Green

    Boggs Mountain State Forest, Lake County, CA.


  12. Unidentified Flower

    Boggs Mountain State Forest, Lake County, CA.


  13. … All in a Row

    Boggs Mountain State Forest, Lake County, CA.


  14. Citrus Tower

    Grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime.


  15. Citrus

    Grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime.